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Jeep, Searchlight Trailer


Army jeep with powerful search-

light on trailer. 5 plastic soldiers.

Jeep has movable windshield. Hood

raises. Searchlight tilts and turns in

all directions, operates on 2 batteries

(not included). Heavy gauge steel.

Rubber tires. Jeep 11


in. long. De–

tachable trailer 13 in. long.

49 N 5660-Shpg. wt. 6 lbs..... . ... $4.98




Wt. 2, 8 oz. 2 for 27<

Big Cottle Truck with Animals

Army Transport, Connon


Army transport and breech-loader

type Howitzer that really shoots

wooden shells .. ready, with crew of 5

soldiers, to be rushed to the battlefield.

Spring-action trigger on plastic can–

non for rapid firing. Sturdy steel truck

has tarpaulin cover. Rubber "wheels.

Cannon attaches to rear of transport.

Truck measures 18% inches long.

49 N 5554-Shpg. wt. 4 lbs...•..... $3.99

Livestock Hauler with Animals


Big 2Y.!-foot long cattle truck with

separate compartments for cattle, pigs,

and sheep. Front half is separated by a gate

for hauling cattle, rear half is double–

decked for hauling smaller stock. Die-cast

metal chassis, chrome-plated cab. Trailer of

heavy-gauge steel. 14 metal wheels; rubber

tires. 2 retractable dolly wheels,with ramp.

10 hand-painted animals of die-cast metal.


Cross country livestock hauler with

animals and cow voice box. 17% in.

long. It's fun to drop rear gate of trailer and

set up loading ramp. 14 detailed molded

plastic animals. Hauler is scale replica of the

cab-over-engine diesel design. Heavy-gauge

steel. It's fun to tilt the truck and hear"moo–

moo." Rubber-tired wheels. Animals: cows,

horses, colts, lambs, goats, dogs, calves.

49 N 566&-Shipping weight 8 lbs.. .. . .... $7.39

49 N 5641- Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz.... .. .... $2.49


New Electronic Connon .• Aims and Fires by Push Button!

Here's a large modern mobile cannon built for atomic age gunners.

Heavy gauge welded steel construction. Giant gu}l barrel that raises

and lowers by push button control .. elevation registers on encased

dial.. Swivel gun mount revolves full 360°. "Fire for effect" is the com–

mand .. he presses the control button and the missile hurtles through

space to the distant target. Plastic missiles have soft nose, can't scratch

or mar furniture. Electric motor runs on 2 batteries, not included.

Measures 22Y.! inches long. Baked-on enamel finish.

79 N 05548-Shipping weight 10 pounds........ . . ... .. .... .. . . ..... $11.79

34 N 4650--Extro batleries for above. Shpg.


8 oz. for two .

.... ... .

2 for 27c

New! Hydraulic Dump Truck


Real hydraulic cylinder raises

and dumps heavy loads auto–

matically. Truck spreads dirt

evenly through the swinging

tail gate. Ruggedly constructed

ofheavy automobile steel; baked

enamel finish. Heavy duty rub–

ber tires. 21% in. long. Priced

low for such quality.

49N 5512- Shpg. wt. 6 lbs.... $3.95

3-foot long Fire Truck


New! Off we go to the rescue

with this big Fire Truck "'ith

extra-long, 5-foot extension lad–

der that's ccank operated for

high-speed action. '..Vrap-around

windshield. Heavy gauge steel

hook and ladder. Movable tiller

seat with steering wheel in rear.

A Sears exclusive, order now.

79 N 05558- Shpg. wt. 11 lbs.. $7.89

Add toys to your Easy _Terms order ..


pay only


down on orders of $20 or more

• •.

details on page 373