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Popularly-priced Clock Radios ... exciting modern styling


Lowest-priced Clock Radio we've seen. Self-starting clock movement

turns radio on at any time you set. Tunes standard AM broadcasts.

Sleek plastic cabinet. Radio has clearly marked side l:uning dial. Has

4-inch speaker. 3 tubes plus rectifier. UL listed. 110-120-volt, 60-cycie


Recommendedfor local reception only.


YsxS YsxS in. high.

57 N 7018-Brown. Shipping weight


lbs............. . ........•... $19.50


Better Clock Radio. Features modern design, sleep switch, buzzer

alarm and appliance outlet. De luxe quality Telechron clock with

self-starting movement. Turns radio on at any time you set. The sleep

switch will turn the radio off ... and radio turns on again in the morn–

ing at any pre-set time. Buzzer alarm sounds ten minutes later. Appli–

ance outlet controls any lamp or small appliance up to 660 watts.

Powerful radio with precision slide rule dial. Tunes standard AM

broadcasts. Built-in Radionet antenna. 4-in. PM speaker. 4 tubes plus

rectifier. UL listed. 110- 120-volt, 60-cycle AC. Inline control grouping

eliminates fumbling. De luxe quality and style plastic cabinet in

exciting ultra-modern design. Rich, lustrous finish. Completely en–

closed molded back. Gold-color trim.


in. high. Wt. 8 lbs.

57 N 7020-Brown.

$3 down, $5 monthly on Special Terms ........•.


Cash $28.95


N 7021-lvory.

$3.50 down, $5 monthly



Terms .......... Cash 30.95

Check these features:

1. No tubes to break

or burn out.

2. Almost unlimited

transistor life.

3. About 500 hours of

normal listening

on one battery.

$57.95 ....


$5 down, $5 month

Sensational All-transistor, All-purpose Radio

A radically new, exciting development in the field of radio. A perfect

gift for someone who


hard to please.

Tunes standard AM broadcasts. Disappeariqg handle lets you use

it as either a table model radio or a portable model. Chassis is com–

pletely transistorized. Has 6 transistors plus 2 germanium diodes that

give you real battery economy. Transistors are very small electronic


(about the


an eraser on the end of


pencil) that per–

form all the functions of radio tubes. Transistors have almost unlimited

life and use very little current . .. battery life


really extended. You

get approximately 500 hours of normal radio listening on one inex–

pensive battery. And no tubes to break or burn out. Built-in Radionet

antenna system. 6x4-inch speaker gives you full, clear tone and ample

volume. Warms up instantly. UL listed. Tan simulated leather–

covered wood case. Slide rule dial. Gold-color trim. 11 Ysx8x5% in.

57 N 7228-less battery.

$5 down, $5 month.

Shpg. wt. 7 lbs. ........ Cash


57 N 7229-With battery.

$5 down, $5 month.

Shpg. wt.


lbs. ....... Cash 58.90

57 N 6420-Bottery for


rcnsistor Radio. Shipping weight 1 lb. 8 oz........... 98c


s;~ttM Cleek~~


A timely, tuneful way to say "Merry Christmas"


Our Best Clock Radio with built-in electric calendar

Packed with extra features .. De luxe quality Telechron calendar clock with expanded inline

control grouping shows day and date. Tips of hands glow in the dark. Sleep switch allows

you to enjoy your favorite radio shows at night ... shuts radio off automatically and radio

turns on in the morning at any pre-set time. Buzzer alarm sounds 10 minutes later ... no

chance of oversleeping. Appliance outlet in the rear controls any household appliance

u p to 1100 watts automatically ... so convenient for making morning coffee, etc.

Super-powered, long-distance radio with tuned RF stage that acts as a built-in booster

for weak signals. 3-gang tuning filters out interference. Lighted slide rule dial makes station

selection easy at any time.

Tunes standard AM broadcasts. Built-in, highly sensitive Radionet antenna system.

Clear-toned 5-inch speaker provides amazing sound reproduction.


tubes plus rectifier.

U L listed. Operates on 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC. Highly styled, beautiful plastic cabinet

with ricb, lustrous finish.


showpiece of home furnishings. Blends with modern as well as

traditional styles. Rich gold-color trim adds finishing decorative touch. Choice of brown

or ivory color. Both clean easily with the swipe of a damp cloth. Cabinet is


inches high. Shipping weight 10 lbs.




$4 down, $5 monthly on Special Easy

Terms.... . ....... . . , ...... • ...... Cash $38.95




$4.50 down, $5 monthly on Specjal

Easy Terms...... . ............. . . ..... Cash 40.95

Buy your



Sears Special Easy Terms




$5 -.

NEW! Silvertone AM-FM Radio with dual-cone speaker .

More sensiti,•e, more highly styled than any other AM-FM table radio we've ever sold.

Features the dual-cone speaker, AM-FM tuner and the spot light dials that pinpoint your

station ... separate light for each band. Tuned RF stage acts as built-in booster for weak

FM signals. Built-in antennas for AM and FM. You'll enjoy FM radio for it rejects static

and provides the proper contrast between loud and soft musical passages. Use outdoor

turnstile Fl\1 antenna for best results in FM fringe areas (see Big Book). AM-FM take-off

jack provided in rear for use with external amplifier system.

Six-inch dual-cone speaker produces rich, full tone and ample volume. Equipped with

tone control and phonograph input jack. Super powered chassis. Iron core coils minimize

Warm-up drift. 7 powerful tu


Jes plus rectifier. UL listed. Operates on 110- 120-volt, 60-cycle

AC. Gleaming plastic cabinet in modern design. Blends easily. 7x13:l{x7Ji-inch >ize.

57 N 7204-Brown. Shpg. wt. 14 lbs. $5



month on Special Terms.


Cash $58.95

57 N T7205L-With outdoor


Shpg. wt. 25 lbs. $5




. ..

Cash 68.25

57 N 7206-lvory. Shpg. wt. 14 lbs. $5



month on Special Terms...

. ..

Cash 60.95

57 N T7207l- With outdoor antenna. Shpg. wt. 25 lbs, $5



month .


............ Cosh 70.25