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Amusing Crib Toys for Baby's Christmas

Jumping Jacks, Bouncing Balls, Playtime Pets .. many more


Musical! Jack-in-the-Box.

Jolly Jack plays hide-and–

go-seek with toddlers. Turn

the crank, "Pop Goes the

Weasel" plays merrily and up

jumps Jack, grinning broadly.

Metal box with gala circus

design. 6 in. high overall.

49 N 4571-Wt. 1 lb. 3 oz. $1 .77


New! Klancy Jack-in-the-

Box. Nothing to worry

about if a make-believe fire

breaks out .. just press the

"alarm" button and up jumps

Klancy , his siren blaring.

Dressed in his suit of red and

white Klancy's ready to battle

the biggest blaze. 472-in.

square metal-reinforced box.

49 N 4442-Shpg. wt. 8 oz... 87c

@)Washable Playmates.

[[)New! Musical Roly Poly. A

jolly clown, he rocks and

rolls to a merry tune. So good–


Push him over, he bobs right

up again for more fun and

music. High-impact plastic

with hand-painted costume

and smiling face. Turning

socket head. 1172 in. tall.

49 N 4409-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. $1.97

Non-musical Roly Poly (not

shown). Colorful molded plas–

tic. Painted face.


in. tall.

49 N 4490-Shpg. wt. 1 lb.... 87c


New! Rubber lassie. Hand-

some gentle pet for wee dog

fanciers . Beautifully hand

painted with careful detail in

washable non-toxic colors. 13x

9)1x4 in. Pure latex.

49 N 4447-Shpg. wt. I lb. $ 1.77


New! Bendy Pluto. Well-

trained pooch who can sit

up and beg, scratch his ear, or

hold any silly pose you put

him in. Feet, head and body

can be bent in any position. A

concealed wire in bis sponge

rubber body is the secret of his

stunting. About 5 in. high.

49 N 4441 -Shpg. wt. 2 oz.... 87c


Rampy and Chunky. Cute

girl and boy twins ..

double fun for playtime or

bathtirne. Squeak with delight

when squeezed. Made of soft

tubbable vinyl in cheery non–

toxic colors. They stand up

without support.


in. tall.

49 N 4497-Wt.1 lb.4oz... $1.77

[]] Chunky and lambkin. Lov-


Nursery Birds. 472-in. long birds float, flutter over

crib . . movement fascinates wee ones. Sponge-rubber

filled. Washable. Clamps to crib, buggy or play yard.

Lovable terry cloth lamb

and doll filled with foam rub–

ber .. stay sweet and sanitary

with washing. Lamb



tall. 10-in. doll has plastic face.

49 N 4034-Shpg. wt. 12oz. $1.77


"This little Pig Went to

Market." Squeezy pink

polyethylene piggies go "oink–

oink " "wee-wee"-such a

chatter they set up' Tots love

to squeeze them, hear them

"talk." Attach the piggies to a

string for a pull toy, see them

waddle along on off-set wheels.

Smooth, chewy.


in. Jong.

49 N 4637-Shpg. wt. 12oz.$ l.57

able little lamb and cuddly

doll are perfect playmates for

baby's bath. Stand up without

support outside of bath, too.

Tiny squeak voices amuse

little ones. Made of soft,

squeezy vinyl. Chunky is



tall, Lambkin


in. tall.

49 N 4482-20 inches high. Shipping weight 2 lbs....... $2.67


Crib Exerciser. Helps strengthen tiny muscles. Spring-

suspended hardwood bar and trapeze, bright plastic

rings, wood balls. Adjustable plastic strap. 1172-in. Jong

bar. Order early for Christmas.

@.]Mickey Mouse Ball.

Mickey's fun-loving face



gay colors on the

white compound vinyl ball.

Wipes clean. 572-in. diameter.

49 N 4528-Shpg. wt. 12 oz.. 72c

49 N 4472-Shipping wei.ght 1 pound.

. ........ $1.77

New! Snap-lock Beods.

Fun to push together,

pull apart. Soft chewy

polyethylene .. a won–

derful teething aid.


bright colors that can't

wear off. 16 beads,


in. diam., 30 in. long.

49N4697-Wt. 9 oz. $ 1.27




New! Baby's First Phone.

Even the



like to have their own

personal telephone ..

here's one of soft, easy-to–

clean vinyl. Movable

dial, removable receiver,

merrily tinkling jingle

bell. Maize with black



in. high.

49N4433-Wt. 12 oz. $1.77

Bell and Rattle Set. Five

jolly jingle bells on an

elastic strand to tie to

buggy, crib or play pen.

Chewy polyethylene.

'.\l"on-toxic colors. Plastic

Humpty Dumpty rattle

with rubber suction cup

on handle. Attaches to

high chair. 7


in. tall.

49N4564-Wt. 1 lb $1.67

New! Crib Rail Train.

Tiny trainmen guide this

sturdy engine down its

crib or play pen rail

track, listen to the beep!



as it glides along.

Brightly colored un–

breakable plastic wheels,

drive rods, cowcatcher;

hardwood body.

49N4455-Wt. 9 oz. $1 .32

49 N 4451 -Wt. I lb. 4 oz..$1.77

Rompy and Dog (not shown).

Little boy and his pet. Soft

vinyl. Similar to



49 N 4454-Wt. 1 lb. 4 oz..$1.77

New! 3-pc. Rattle Set.


plastic rattles twirl

as baby hits them; at–

taches to flat surface

with suction cup. Teddy

Bear Teether of softly

colored chewy rubber.

Plastic klackers on

metal chain . . fun to

shake, twirl. Wt. 13 oz.

49N4459 ....... $1.77

New! Rattle-Whirl.

Tyke twirls the gayly–

colored plastic discs

and balls, likes the

rattle and clatter as

they spin around. Base

and sides of white lac–

quered hardwood. Col–

orful decals on sides.



49N4456-Wt. I lb. $1.77