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Gas-powered Planes, Rockets

All use non-inflammable liquid gas propellant



Space ·Shuttle Plane

leaves realistic vapor trail



Just fill up with fuel from pressurized can and take off. Realistic rocket

plane soars to altitudes of 100 feet, and then glides hundreds of feet without

power. Jet engine leaves a white vapor trail. Reinforced plastic foam- 13

in. long, 10-in. wingspan. Fuel for 10 flights, order extra below.

49 N 5118-Shipping weight 1 pound 4 ounces.. . . . . ..... .. ... Kit $4.99

Rocket models soar hundreds of feet

"Baron" Rocket-Plane



" Baron" breaks away from

booster rocket and glides


earth while booster parachutes

down. Aluminum and balsa, 22 'h

in. long. Incl. 7\1.i-oz. can of pres–

surized fuel, decals. Wt. 1 lb. 2 oz.

49 N 21855 .. . . . .. . .. . Kit $8.99

Extra Fuel. 15-oz. can. For rock–

ets, shuttle plane above.

49 N 51181 - Wt. l lb. 1 oz.. $1 .79

Mini-Jet 505


Liquid gas propellant passes through



power plane. Yellow and

silver color plastic, 12 in. long, 11-in.

wingspan. 8-oz. can of propellant.

49 N 51168-Wt. l lb. 5 oz.... $3.99

Fuel. For 505 Jet and Mini-Hawk.

49 N 51172-Shpg. wt. 12 oz.. . . 99c

V-1 Rocket

and Launcher


High-performance rocket goes

500 ft. straight up. Aero-space

kit for amateur modelers blasts off

vertically with experiments and pay–

loads. Timing device releases para–

chute to return rocket gently. 15 in.

long. Made of plastic and aluminum.

Includes launch pad, 7'h-oz. pressur–

ized can of fuel.

49 N 21854-Wt. l lb. lloz.Kit $8.99

"Hawk" Mini-Rocket

Mini-Hawk soars to heights of 300

feet on pressurized gas propellant.

10-inch plastic rocket has sponge

plastic nose-cone, red and yellow

finish. Includes launching stand

and lead-off wire, 8-ounce can of


49 N 51171-Wt. 1 lb. 5 oz.. $3.99

CUT 4%-

Precision-made '.!.6-scale lunar

rocket kit even has escape tower, com–

mand module, service module, lunar mod–

ule and all three stages of the Saturn V

plus base. All plastic preformed parts.

With three astronauts, decals. Includes

5-in. high V.s-scale Lunar Module Kit

(LEM) for a close look at the moon–

landing vehicle.

79 N 1981C- Shpg. wt. 5lbs.. .Kit$9.99

Use water and air


to power 4 ·Rocket Set

Use funnel to put water in rockets . . then attach them to hand

pump. Air pressure sends them 150 feet or more. Set includes

4 rockets: two-stage, parachute, single-stage anti-missile, and


Large hand pump, funnel, lunar module with para–

chute. Rockets 53!. to 14 inches long. Plastic.

49 N 51164-Shipping weight 1 pound . .... . . ... .... Set $4.99