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Case opens into a

50-piece Farm Set

Cut 33

There's even a family of 5

to help do the work






Open the side pf this carrycase barn to find a bus–

tling 18x25xl2


h-in. farm scene. Spacious barn

has hayloft and stalls; silo and rear doors open

and close. Set up fences or let animals roam


the "grounds." Plastic stake truck, com–

bine and tractor. Plastic figures. Vinyl barn has

handle. Plastic animals from Japan.

49 N

59 106--Shpg.


3 lbs. 4 oz. . . . . Set


The Big One

2 14-piece Farm Set with giant

metal platform, operating

hay lift. animals and equipment

Action centers around the 22-inch platform with all-metal barn and

silo. 6 farmhands "hitch up" rake, disc and harrow or help you load

produce into the 3-level open-back barn. Pick-up truck and jeep sim–

plify your chores. Chicken coop, stockade and "barbed wire" fences

house some of the 42 barnyard animals. Crops and accessories are

3-dimensional plastic. 22x17x12 inches high. Unassembled.



59779C--Shipping weight 7 pounds ...............Set


Western Town .. just like in the movies

Fold-out case with cowboys, stores

and even a covered wagon


Just open up the case and the wild, wild west comes alive. Opens to a big

30x28x7V2-inch town with livery stable, sheriffs office and rows of old–

time stores. 3-dimensional vinyl layout even has a "gold mine" on the

outskirts of town. 40 plastic figures include cowboys, horses, cactus, fence

and wagon. Folds for storage into a compact 19V..x81!.x61!. -in. vinyl case.

Handle for easy carrying. Buy it the easy way--0rder by phone.

49 N 59137--Shipping weight 3 pounds 6 ounces ............. Set S9.87