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not included

Sold only at Sears.

a busy day in this city, just turn off

your lights and watch it really "come to life." The big parking

lot is surrounded by glow-in-the-dark highways and modern

buildings. Made of vacuum-formed plastic and heat-sealed


nyl. Layout opens to about 26x36x7 V. in. high; closes to

18x4xl4 in. Parking lot lid opens for easy "pa rking."

79 N 59136C-Shipping weight 4 pounds ............ . . $8.99

"MATCHBOX" Country folds into a vinyl case



not included

Sold only at Sears. You'll have "acres" of fun with this

mini farm. Made of vacuum-formed plastic and heat–

sealed vinyl. Snap-open barn lid. 26x36x6* inches high

open; 18x4x14 inches closed. Use your phone if you

want to order it the easiest way ofall.

Shipping weight 4 pounds.

79N59155C . . ........... . .... . ....... . . . .. .. .. $8.99

..MATCHBOX- is the registered trademark owned


Lesney Products&. Co.. ltd.. England

"MATCHBOX" Superfast

12..yehicle Set for city traffic

Set not as


You get: Rolls Royce coupe,

Mercury 'station wagon, VW camper, Ferrari,

field car, Mercedes 300, fire engine, kennel truck,

tow truck, horse van, pipe truck, Dodge crane. 2

to 3-inch die-cast metal. Plastic pipes, animals.

49 N 54609-England. Wt. 1lb. 5oz...Set $6.44

Includes combine harvester, Ford tractor aod trailer

and 5 Superfast farm vehicles: stake truck, safari Land

Rover, cattle truck, pony trailer, Jeep. Plastic cows,


nies. 2 to 3-inch die-east metal vehicles. England.



14 oz. ... ....... .. ..Set $4.39