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Let Miniature Sets recall the world of yesterday

New 100-piece Fort Apache Set with Indian Camp


An authentic Early American Fort,_35




inches hi?h, with realistic

blockhouses, Indian tepees, Frontiersmen, Cavalry, Indians and horses.

Here are " Builders of the West" historical figures, engaged in all the thrilling

events every red-blooded American boy dreams of. Look! He can hold a pow–

wow with brave Frontiersmen and exciting Indian Chiefs. He can help the 30

heroic Frontiersmen in their desperate fight to hold the fort against 30 attack–

ing Indians. He can ride away in imagination on one of the 4 horses or !nan the

plastic shell-shooting cannon. He can guard the high-impact plastic stockade

walls, made up of ten interlocking straight log-type fence sections, each 5Mx


in. high, plus 2 corner sections. He can open and close the two gates that

swing on log-type archway or put men in the big log cabin and blockhouses.

The big 1lx6x6-in. high log cabin is made of realistically lithographed

steel with wall sections double rolled for extra strength. Shipped unassembled;

easily set up without tools. Two plastic blockhouses rest securely atop the log

walls at corners of the stockade. Has ladders that may be hooked to side of

blockhouse or used to scale walls. Other realistic plastic accessories include

chopping block with a.-.:e, log pile, anvil, well, fire with kettle, churn, 2 powder

kegs. 2 Indian totem poles, flagpole with lithographed metal flag, shell-shooting

cannon, tree. two 5U-inch Indian teepees. Thirty Indians plus 30 assorted

Frontiersmen and Cavalrymen-all in action poses, molded in 3-dimensional

polyethylene plastic {about 2U in. high). Also 4 horses for Frontier and

Cavalry figures, 2 Indian horses with molded blankets.


N 05937-Complete 100-piece Fort Apache Set. Shipping weight 6 lbs. .... .. $5.67

Thrill-packed New 47-pc. Prehistoric Times Set with 23 animals


The fascinating world of dinosaurs and strange reptiles that roamed the

earth millions of years ago-recreated in miniature! Realistic, earth-color

landscape is 23

~x13 ~x3


in. high and has a simulated blue pool, waterfall,

realistic palms and ferns, dead tree stumps and a tree split by lightning.

Twenty-three Prehistoric Animals of colored polyethylene plastic in life–

like shapes: a gigantic Brontosaurus, duck-billed Hadrosaurus, toothless

glider-like Pteranodon, huge blood-thirsty Tyrannosaurus, fierce flesh-eating

Allosaurus, Kronosaurus, broad-snouted Trachodon, 2 Spenacodon, 2 horned

Triceratops, 2 plant-eating Cyn:ognathus and 10 others. Twelve Cavemen,

dwarfed by the huge beasts, wield stones, spears and primitive clubs. Sizes of

beasts and men range from 8 inches long to 2 inches high, all ip. proportion.



05934- 47-pc. set complete with illustrated informotive Book. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs.. $4.67

Colorful New 140-piece Revolutionary War Set


Here, in miniature, is recreated the heroic struggle for American Inde-

pendence, when attacking British Redcoats and their Indian allies tried to

crush the first protests of liberty-seeking Colonials and Minutemen. The

Colonial forces, 36 strong, rush to the defense of their stronghold. The attack–

ing British, also 36 in number, are aided by 14 Indian braves. All figures

molded of flexible polyethylene plastic in fighting poses with standing figures

about 2


in. high, others in proportion. 6 horses for the leaders also included.

Colonial headquarters is a 2-story lithographed steel building, 10Y.x4Y.x

7 in. high, with safe turned edges. Shipped unassembled; easily set up.

Inside are a plastic table, ladder-back chair, 2 benches, rocking chair, 3

three-leg stools, spinning wheel, cauldron and butter churn. Outside are a

plastic chopping block, woodpile, anvil, campfire with pot, well with pole and

bucket, 2 lanterns, 2 powder kegs, musket stack, 3 trees, 2 tree stumps, stretch–

er, flagpole with flag, 6 sections of fence, 2 lithographed stone walls with 4

corner posts. One heavy cannon and 2 light cannons shoot miniature shot and

shells; may be mounted behind 5 rock formations included. Also included are

ramrod, bore swab, shot tray, shot and shells.



.5960-Complete 140-piece Revolutionary War Set. Shipping weight



Robin Hood and his Merrie Men of Sherwood . . 90-pc. Set!


Charging from Sherwood Forest, brave Robin Hood and his Merrie Men

fight for justice at Nottingham Castle. Three catapults on wheels "pepper"

the enemy with tiny pellets. Robin. fair Maid Marian, jolly Friar T uck, huge

Little John and the villainous Sheriff of Nottingham are all minutely detailed in

flexible molded polyethylene plastic. There are 53 figures in a variety of action

poses-33 Merrie Men and 20 armored Knights.

The sturdy walled castle is made of steel, lithographed in authentic detail

from the pennant-topped plastic turrets to the drawbridge that can be raised

and lowered. Castle measures


in. high over-all. Shipped flat:

easily assembled. Other realistic


include 6 armored horses, a

Sherwopd Forest deer, 3 Sherwood Forest trees and 8 medieval accesories.



0.5949- Complete 90-piece Robin Hood Set. Shipping weight 6 lbs.. . .....$5.67


set (not shown). As above, but 24-in. long fort, l catapult, 9 Merrie

Men, 10 Knights, 2 horses, 1 tree. Same


main charactersand other accessories.



0.5927-Complete 35-piece Robin Hood Set. Shipping weight



Set of 22 Robin


Figures in action poses (not shown). Vinyl plastic.

49 N .5988-Shipping weight 12 ounces. .Complete 22-pc. set Each Set 87c 2 sets $1.67


Play pieces included in Sets may vary slightly, but we guarantee that

you will receive the total number of pieces stated for all Play Sets on this page.

New 65-pc. Construction Camp with motorized equipment

This busy little Construction Camp hums with activity as the friction-pow–

ered road roller, power dozer and high-lift loader hurry to the job of road–

building. Dozer has movable blade; loader's scoop actually lifts; roller is

tandem type. All 3 are lithographed metal and have siren and rubber tires.

New mobile conveyor with

moroble belt

is made of realistically colored metal.

Seven other construction vehicles and snow plow are authentically scaled in

molded plastic, some with fascinating moving parts. Sturdy steel field office,

11x6}-2x6 in. high, has all edges safely turned. Set also includes 10 workmen,

35 accessories, 7 fence sections-all scale-molded in colorful plastic.



0.5935-Complete 65-piece Construction Camp Set. Shipping weight






13-pc. Prehistoric






Horse and


Saddle Set





life Set

Order extra 3-dimensional figures to make these more fun!

All figures in each set are carefully detailed in molded Vinyl plastic in a

variety of action poses. Size of figures in proportion from 2 in. up to 3 in. tall.

Order several sets to enlarge Play


or start a collection of these miniatures.




.5922- 33-pc. Frontier Set. 30

figures ond 3 saddle horses to add

even more fun and ploy to his Play Set,




5916- 38-pc. Cowboy Set. 36

Cowboys and 2 Weste rn·style ho rses.




5931 - 13-pc. Prehistoric Set.

11 k.inds of dinosaurs, birds, reptiles,



in. long to 3 in. toll.




.5929- 24-pc. Horse and Sad–

dle Set.


ho rses, 8 saddles, 8 bridles.




.591.5-34-pc. Indian Set. 30




.5928-31-pc. Wild Life Set. 18

Indians, horse, canoe, 2 totem poles.

small animals,


big oriimols, 8 birds.

49 N 5956- 10-pc. •Wild Anin1<ll Zoo.

49 N .5992- 12-pc. General Custer and

Not shown. Giraffe, Tiger, Bear, 7 others.

Cavalry Set. Not shown.

49 N .59.57- 14-pc. Knight Set. Not

49 N 5987-16-pc. Foreign legion Set.

shown. Knights on foot and on horses.

N ot shown. Variety of fighting poses.

AH Sets above. Store



and quantity.

Wt. eo. 12 oz. Eacn Set 87c; 2 Sets for $1.67