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with Batte ry -Operated E levator that actua lly run s

Fully equipped 37-piece Service Station with electric elevator, ringing bell, roof parking and car wash

What a lot of fun this


Service Station can be! It's big enough to keep

several youngsters busy playing at a time. Complete with everything that little

"service men" need to look after today's modern cars.


includes a friction-pow–

ered Wrecker Truck, 8 late-model plastic cars with easy-rolling metal wheels

(about 4 inches long) and even 10 busy little service station workers.

• Ring a bell to summon the battery-operated Electric Elevator that actually

runs ... hoists cars up to the second-floor rooftop parking area. Elevator runs

on one standard flashlight battery (not included; order separately at right).

• Cars can go down to the street by elevator or by the handy exit ramp at rear.

• Use the friction-powered Wrecker to bring in disabled cars for repairs ... hoist

cars on the working model adjustable grease rack for lubrication or jack them

up to work on the wheels. Use the dummy lubricating machine to grease the cars

or fill tires with air or tanks with gas-all in make-believe.

• Want to wash a car? There's a separate Car Laundry located at the side of the

Station. It's equipped with plastic car wash rack and miniature sponge.




30-piece Set




There may be a


variation in play pieces in-

cluded in these sets, but you will

receive total quantity stated.

The big


high Service Station building with elevator tower and

car wash extension is sturdily constructed of brightly lithographed steel, as

is the broad 29x16-in. wide base. The station is appropriately decorated with

Sears famous




sheet of decals includes all necessary


markings for accessories.


sheet of gay paper pennants in color

adds a festive note. The building is shipped knocked down; easily assembled.

Outside the station are 2 modern gas pumps. air pump, oil can display, battery

display, tire on stand, 2


signs on stand, jack, utility broom and

bucket. All accessories are realistically built to scale proportions.

79 N 05971 -Complete 37-piece Service Station os described. Shpg. wt. 7 lbs....




N 4650-Stondord Flashlight Batteries for obove. Shpg. wt. for two. 8 oz. Two for 35c

Eight Extra Cars for your Service Station Set (not shown). Latest foreign and

domestic models, including Ford, Cadillac, Buick, Chrysler, DeSoto, Sabre Jet

and 2 foreign racing cars. Colorful molded plastic with die-cast metal wheels.

49 N 5930-Cars measure about 4 in. long. Shpg.


per set. 10 oz. ..... Set of 8 for




3 friction-drive cars, take-apart Jaguar

Park cars on roof, rm1 them up or dow11 ramp. Tow them

with the friction-powered Wrecker Truck. Hoist cars on

working model grease rack . Take Jaguar car apart and

put it together again. Six other late-model cars with die–

cast metal wheels. Cars are about 4 inches long.

Lithographed steel station, 18xl072x8 inches high,

shipped flat, easily assembled. Big 26xl4


Two bright


signs; 16 miniature paper pen–

nants. Other play equipment: 2 modem gas pumps, air

pump, tire on stand, oil display rack, battery display

rack, lubricating machine, bucket, jack-all built tt> scale.

Set also includes


plastic attendants.

79 N 05921-Complete 30-piece Set. Shpg. wt. 6 lbs.. . ...


Smaller 12-pc. Set (not shown). Lithographed steel sta–



in. high, has overhead sliding door,

tire-lubritorium and skylight rooi. Shipped flat; easy to

assemble. Base,


·in. Two gas pumps, air pump,

tire on rack, battery and oil can display racks, bucket,



sign with stand. Two 4-in. long late

model cars of high-impact plastic; die-cast wheels.

79 N 05932-Complete 12-piece Set. Shpg. wt.


lbs..... $2.93