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BafR Mat


For More Gift Ideas, See Color Co-Ordinated Bath Towels and Bath Ensembles in Sears Fall Catalog


"Flower Cart" ... our finest towel set with delightful two-color woven

jacquard design on the wide bordered bath towels. Super-absorbent best

quality cotton terry with sturdy selvages and hems. Set includes two bath

towels, each 24x46 in.; one hand towel, 16x28 in.; and two washcloths, each

13x13 in.

State washfast Harmony House colors

med. Horizon blue with black

and white design, It. Frosty pink with black and deep pink or It. Sunshine yellow

with black and med. rust; also It. green with black and deep green, charcoal

gray with black and white or white with black and Harmony House Ming blue.

96 N 3577-Gift boxed. Shipping weight 3 lbs. 9 oz.................. 5-piece Set



"flower Cart" Bath Mot Set ... harmonizes with towel set (A) above.

Luxurious, extra-thick cut-pile cotton chenille with tufted cart motif. Set

includes mat, 21:<36 inches, with latex-treated canvas backing and standard

size lid cover. Washable separately. Unboxed. Same colors as (A),

state color.

96 N 2884-Shipping weight 1 lb.


oz......... . .............. 2-piece Set



Nautical ''Seo Horse" Towel Set in our finest cotton terry ... with whim-

sical woven pattern on the borders of the bath towels and washcloths. Set

includes two bath towels, each 24x46 in.; two hand towels. each 1Sx2i in.;

two washcloths, each 13x13 in.; ancl two fingertip towels, each 11x18 in. Hand

towels and fingertip towels have selftone drop terry borders. Boxed.

State Harmo11y House washfast color

light Frosty pink with black, light Sun–

shine yellow with black or medium Parclunent beige with dark brown; also white

with black or light green with white.

96 N 3575-Shipping weight 3 lbs. 12 oz.......................... 8-piece Set



Solid Toned Towels combine with 2 oz. of fragrant Lyric cologne normally

our price would be $1.50 in a towel set sure to please the woman in your life!

Soft, fluffy ' cotton terry towels have self-tone <lobby borders. neat hems. Set

includes two bath towels. each 22x44 in.; two hand towels, each 16x26 in.; two

washcloths, each 12x12 in.; and two 1-oz. bottles of cologne.

State HH wasltfast


It. Sunshine yellow; also white, med. blue, It. pink or It. green.

96 N 3572E-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 11 oz. Gift boxed. 9c Federal Tax included. 8-piece Set


[] Gleaming Silver Metallic Diamond Design woven into jet black dobby bor-

ders make this a truly distinctive towel set. Our best quality cotton terry ...

soft, fluffy, and machine washable; colors are washfast, metallic yarns won't

tarnish. Set includes two bath towels, each 24x46 in.; one hand towel, 16x28 in.;

and two washcloths, each 13x13 in.

Sta/.e FIarmo11y Flouse color

It. Sunshine yel–

low or lt. Frosty pink; also white, It. green or charcoal gray.

96 N 3571-Gift boxed. Shipping weight 3 lbs. 4 oz.................. 5-piece Set



Solid Colors and Gay Stripes on cotton terry ... solid color towels in

washfast hues, striped towels in matching color with white and gold-color

non-tarnish metallic stripes. Machine washable. Set includes two bath towels,

each 22x44 in.; two hand towels, each 1Sx26 in.; and two washcloths, each 12x12

in. (one each in color, one each in stripe).

State Harmony House color


or bright Sunshine yellow; also It. capri blue or It. pink.

96 N 3570-Gift boxed. Shipping weight 2 lbs. 11 oz................. 6-piece Set




Printed Linen


Calendar Towel in popular Pennsylvania Dutch motif. A

truly unique gift ... colorfully styled and suitable for use in kitchen, den

or family room. Fine quality bleached linen with multicolor design (predominant–

ly red and HARMONY


Bronze green). Hemmed ends; size about


inches. Complete with wood rod and hanging cord. Washfast.

96 N 4004-Shipping weight each 10 ounces. In


. . . . . .

. .. Each



Cotton Terry Kitchen Towels in bright Christmas print ... highly absorbent,

heavyweight, almost lintless. Multicolor (predominantly red and green)

"Santa and Angels" print on sparkling white background; hemmed edges.

Washable, dries quickly ... needs no ironing.

96 N 4003-Size about 18x29 In. Shipping weight each 6 oz...... . . . . . . . . . .. Each


[]] 1

2 -piece Place t"Aot Set .•. clever gift idea. for indoor or outdoor .use. Set

inclqdes four pnnted cotton place mats with merrowed edges, size about

12x18 inches· four solid color cotton napkins with merrowed edges, size about

12x12 inches; one pair of wooden salt and pepper shakers about


in. high;

and one wooden salad fork and spoon set about 10 inches Jong. Nicely boxed.

96 N 1606-State washfast color red or pink. Shpg. wt. 1 lb.


oz........... Set



6-piece Dustpan and Dishcloth Set. Brightly colored metal dustpan, about

12x12 in.; five striped cotton dishcloths with gold-color, non-tarnish metallic

trim ... each about 13x15 in. Washfast. Cellophane wrapped and boxed.


Pink dust pan with assorted color dishcloths.

96 N 1410-Shipping weight I pound 8 ounces............................ Set



6-piece Dishclath and Napkin Holder Set. Black metal wire napkin holder


contains five assorted color bleached cotton dishcloths ... a novel gift and

easv on your budget! Holder size about


inches; each dishcloth about 13x15

inches. Cellophane wrapped and nicely ribbon decorated.

96 N 1409-Shipping weight 9 ounces. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. ...... Set



"Jolly Jungle" Oven Mitt ... with washable quilted cotton body and jaws for

protection from heat. Solid color jaws; black and white "skunk" pattern

body; chenille eyes. Nicely gilt boxed ... perfect as a "stocking stuffer."

96 N 1403-Size about 5xl 1


Shipping weight each 7 oz...........

. . Each



8-piece Cotton Terry Coaster Set.


absorb<:nt knit coasters in elast!c


knit ... hug glasses for complete m01sture protection.


gay assorted soltd

colors . .. make it easy to identify each guest's glass. Washable.

96 N 1607-About 4 in. tall. Boxed. Shpg..wt. 7 oz... . . . •• . .

. .......... Set



3-piece Towel and Biscuit Basket Set. Two fringed solid color cotton dish


towels each about 16x27 inches, in a versatile oval woven fiber basket.

Basket about


inches oval and


inches high, made in Hawaii.

State' was/ifast color

combination yellow with It. blue or green with yellow.

96 N 1404-Cellophane wrapped. Shipping weight 12 ounces.................. Set







Harmony House color

@] ..

His and Hers" Towel Set ... "her" towels white with print design, "hls"

towels in color with like print design. Fine, washfast cotton terry .. .

fluffy. absorbent, lovely. Set includes two bath towels, each 20x40 in.; two

fingertip towels, each llx17 in.; two washcloths, each 12x12 in. One each of

above in white with "hers," one each of above in color with "his."

Sta/.e Pastel Harmony House color

Sunshine yellow; also green or pink.

96 N 3569-Gift boxed. Shipping weight 2 lbs. 6 oz................ 6-piece Set



Jacquard Fish Design on fine cotton terry ... extra soft, fluffy and ab-

sorbent. Reversible ... one side color with white design, reverse side white

with color design. A beauty of a set .. _easy on your budget! Set includes

one 22x44-in. bath towel; one 1Sx27-in. hand towel; two 12x12-in. washcloths.


Harmony House washfast color

medium Tuscan rose, bright Sunshine

yellow or dark Mint green; also medium blue .. . each with white.


N 3534-Gift boxed. Shipping weight 2 lbs.


oz............... .4-piece Set



Ancient Autos add color and charm to a clever good quality cotton terry

towel set. Three-color design is silk-screen printed on a soft background

... with all wool-tufted embroidery adding detail to the design. Set includes

one 20x40-inch bath towel, one 15x25-inch hand towel and one 12x12-inch

washcloth. Nicely boxed.

State Harmony House washfast color

med. Horiz<'n

blue, It. Frosty pink or It. Sunshine yellow; also white or It. green ... each

with red, black and gray silk-screen print, red embroidery.

96 N 3564-Shlpping weight I lb. 15 oz.......................... 3-piece Set



Ancient Auto Bath Mat and Lid Cover Set ... harmonizes with towel set


above. Extra-thick, soft, foot-cushioning cotton chenille on a sturdy

canvas backing. Mat size 21x34 in.; standard size lid cover. Washable separate–

ly. Attractively gift boxed. Same colors as


state color.

96 N 2855-Shipping weight 2 lbs. 7 oz......................... 2-piece Set



Clever Fingertip Towel Set ... sure to cause comment on Christmas morn!

Sparkling white cotton terry with multicolor printed house design and

"welcome" motto. Three towels, each ltxl7


inches including the perky

fringed ends ... one towel with apartment house motif, one with conventional

house motif, one with modern house motif.


attractive gift box . . _a perfect

"stocking stuffer." \.Vashfast.


96 N 3563-Shipping weight 11 ounces ......................... 3-piece Set



Solid Color Towel Set ... a thrifty gift, yet pretty and practical. Set

includes one 20x40-in. bath towel, one 15x25-in. hand towel and two 12x12-

in. washcloths. Good quality cotton terry in attractive colors set off by drop

terry borders.

State Harmony House color

light Sunshine yellow; also It. pink,

It. green or medium blue. Washfast.

96N 3516-Gift boxed. Shipping weight 1lb.11 oz................ 4-piece Set



Bright Stripes on white cotton terry with gold-color, non-tarnish metallic

accent stripes. Set includes 22x44-in. bath towel, 12x12-in. washcloth.

Cellophane wrapped package. Washfast.

Slate Harmony House color


Aquamarine or bright Snnshine yellow; also It. capri blue or



96 N 3558-Shipping weight 14 ounces..... _.. .................. 2-piece Set






Good Quality "Kiddie" Towel Sets ... with child's name screen-printed

on the generous-sized bath towel. Good cotton terry, soft and absorbent,

with printed clown pattern in bold, bright colors on white. Bath towel (with

name) is20x40in.;washcloth, 12x12 in. Washfast.


96 N R3509f-Unboxed. IShpg. wt. set 8 oz.I ....... 2-piece Set $1.58;





Our Best "Kiddie" Towel Sets ... with individual patterns to please

little boys or girls. "Girl's" towel is white with multicolor screen-print

"Ballet Dancer" pattern and name; "boy's" towel is white with multicolor

print "Magician" pattern and name. Absorbent cotton terry; washfast.

4-piece set includes two jumbo-size bath towels (with name), each 22x44 in.

and two washcloths, each 12x12 in. Nicely boxed ... ready to go under the tree!

NOTE: Order a set for one child; e.g., both towels printed with same name.

Or, if you prefer, combine set for use by two children (boy's or girl's); e.g., one

towel printed with name "Mary" and one towel printed with name "Jane"

or one towel for girl with name "Mary" and one towel for boy with name


State both


(or patterns) bsired and PRINT name (or 11ames).

96 N R3553f-1Shipping weight set I lb. 10 oz.I ................. .4-piece Set



Our Best Monogrammed Bath Towel Set with single initial screen-printed

on a pastel ground. Agift with the "personal" touch ... made of soft, fluffy

cotton terry. Set includes two 24x46-in. bath towels with initial and two 12x12-

in. washcloths (without initial). Decorative washfast colors . _ stay "nice."

State Harmo11y House color

It. Sunshine yellow with med. Spice brown print

or It. Frosty pink with charcoal gray print; also white with charcoal gray

print. All initials available ...

Please PRINT single initial desired.

96 N R3554f-Boxed. !Shipping weight set 1 lb. 12 oz.I ............. 4-piece Set



Monogrammed Bath Mot Set to harmonize with towels above. 19x34-in.

cotton chenille mat with printed initial; standard size lid cover (no initial).

State washfast color listed for


above a11d PRINT initial desired.

96 N R2860f-Unboxed. !Shipping weight set 1 lb. 12 oz.I ...........2·piece Set



Good Quality Personalized Towel Set adorned with a spray of red roses

and green foliage printed on a pure white background. Set includes two

20x40-inch bath towels with deep-tone "nameplate" to hold the full name of

your favorite couple and two 12x12-inch washcloths. Made of fluffy, absorbent

good quality cotton terry in washfast colors. Unboxed.

State any name "P to and including 15 letters

(printed on towel only) ...

count each space between names as one letter.

Please PRINT


96 N R3510F-1Shipping weight set 15 oz.I ..... . ................. 4-piece Set


NOTE: All personalized items above shipped postpaid from factory near

Chicago, Ill. Order before December S to insure delivery before Christmas;

mark order "not for Christmas" if placed after December S or not required

for Christmas. Sorry, no C.O.D. orders accepted on factory items.