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Big Baby Dolls Dressed in Attractive Outfits

All three have soft, easy-to-clean vinyl bodies .. lashed sleeping

eyes, turning heads. Rooted Saran hair to comb and set. Each is

dressed in dainty panties, socks and vinyl shoes.


17 -inch Baby. Jointed arms and legs. She drinks and wets, has

her own bottle. Lace-trim polished cotton dress and bonnet.

49 N 3174-Shipping weight 2 lbs...................

. ...... $3.9B


15 -inch Baby. Cotton stuffed one-piece body. "Coo" voice.

Lace-trim cotto11 dress, sewed-on sheer apron. !\:.nit panties.

49 N 31 71-Shipping weight l lb. 8 oz............. . . . ........... $2.98


19-inch Ba by in cotton coat and bonnet. Older toddler .. she

stands alone. Jointed arms and legs. Rayon dress. Knit panties.

49 N 3176-Shipping weight 2 lbs. 8 oz........................... $5 .9 7

12-inch Baby

17-inch Sub-teen Doll, Travel Wardrobe

Sweet little girl doll .. has trunk, will travel! She's

nicely dressed in the latest style polished cotton,

with attached net slip .. roses in her rooted Saran

hair. Her body is soft vinyl, with jointed arms, legs

.. turning head with lashed, sleeping eyes. Trunk

l8x9x9 inches, is sturdy fiberboard, with plastic cov–

ering and handle, metal latches ... big drawer,

hangers. Wardrobe includes extra cotton dress,

robe, coat and bonnet .. accessories for her vacation

travel .. 2 pairs of shoes and socks, sun glasses, ex–

tra hangers. Add it to your Easy Terms account at

Sears .. order now, pay monthly. See page 294 for


49 N 3375-Doll, Wardrobe, Trunk. Shpg. wt. 6 lbs.$1 2 .97

Big 14Y,-inch Baby Doll with rooted

Saran hair to comb, brush, set. All

vinyl with turning head, lashed sleep–

ing eyes. Now with jointed arms and

legs .. stands alone and sits. \Vears

glazed cotton drL>ss. panties, socks,

shoes. She brings pajamas, ninon

nightie, robe, summer dress, coat and

hat .. plus brush, comb, mirror, tis–

sues, curlers, extras. All packed in

fiberboard carrying case 15


%;xl 2

in., plastic handle, metal hinges, snap


49 N 3156-Complete outflt. Wt. Slbs.$7.67

15-inch Cutie

17-inch Baby

14-inch Baby

8-inch Drink-wet Baby

Adorable infant .. drinks and wets, has

sleeping eyes. All vinyl, jointed body,

dressed in panties. Wardrobe of nylon

dress with matching bonnet; flocked nylon

dress and bonnet; cotton dress, bib; flan–

nel sleeper; sunsuit; diaper bag. diaper,

clothespins; blanket; 3 bath sponges; bot–

tle; washcloth; shoes.

49 N 3531- Shipping weight I lb. 8 oz... $3 .99

Drinks and wets! Vinyl

head turns, molded rubber

body has jointed arms

legs. "Coo" voice. Go-to–

sleep eyes. \Vears rompers,

brings her own bubble pipe

and plastic nursing bottle.

Pretty bow in her molded

hair. Ca11 be sponged clean.

49 N


. l lb.$ 2 .39

One-piece cotton-stuffed

vinyl skin body, vinyl

head. Molded hair, lashed

sleeping eyes. Coos when

squeezed. In ninon dress,

matcliing bonnet, half-slip,

knit panties, socks and

shoes. A lot of lovable baby

doll, sweetly dressed.

49 N 3112-Wt.l lb.4 oz.$1.99

Big, soft colored dolly.

Cotton-stuffed one-piece

vinyl skin body, lashed

sleeping eyes, turning head.

Coos when squeezed. Root–

ed Saran hair. Fluffy ninon

dress witll attaclied slip ..

stylish "bonnet-brim."

Knit panties, socks, shoes.

49N3507-Wt. l lb.10oz.$2 .9 8

Fully jointed vinyl body ..

arms, legs, turning head ..

stands or sits. In embossed

cotton dress with matching

bonnet, socks, shoes. Vinyl

head has molded hair,

lashed sleeping eyes.

49 N 3120-Wt.l lb. 4oz.$2 .98