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Sandwich Grill

Grill and Waffler Combination

Handsome chrome-plated sandwich grill with

dial indicator (marked COLD, B,AKE, HOT).

Fries eggs or_bacon, griHs small steaks or chops,

bakes 4 pancakes, or toasts two sandwiches.

Top folds back flat to give 82 square inches of

smooth nickel-plated steel grilling surface. Ex–

pansion hinges permit thick



wood handles. Detachable 5-ft. cord. No-mar

feet. For 110-120-volt AC-DC. Uses 525 watts.

Size 12x8)4x4


in. high. Approved by Un–

derwriters' Laboratories, I nc.

20 N 6600-Shipping weight 8 lbs. 8 oz. $5.98

Interchangeable grids ... cast aluminum for waffles,

steel for grilling. Grill will fry eggs or bacon, grill small

steaks or chpps, bake pancakes, or toast sandwiches. Ex–

pansion hinges for extra thick sandwiches. Top folds back

lev¢l; provides 102 sq. in. grill surface. Waffle grids need

no re-greasing. I ndicator



shows you when to pour batter. Bright chrome-plated

steel body, with walnut finish wood handles. Size 9Ysx

14.Yzx4V. in. high . Detachable 6-foot cord. For 110--

120-volt AC-DC. Uses 660 watts. Approved by Under–

writers' Laboratories, Inc.

20 N 661 2-Shipping weight 11 lbs .......... $I 0.7


New ! Just i n time for Chr i st m a s

Kenmore Cooker-Waffler

Ext r a b ig, equal to 3 frying pans

The most exciting new appliance we've offered in years! Not just an

ordinary combination grill, but a


unit that's jam-packed

with brand new features. Just the thing for hurry-up family meals

or for entertaining because it cooks a lot and cooks quickly.

It's a party-size Electric Cooker: Top folds back flat to give full

190 sq. in. of grilling surface ... equal in area to three 9-inch fry–

ing pans! Variable heat control for fast or slow cooking. Signal

light times the pre-heat period. Drip spouts draw off excess grease.

It's on automatic waffler: Bakes waffles, four at one Lime. Has au–

tomatic browning control for light or dark waffles. Signal light tells

when to pour batter and when waffles are clone. Expansion hinge.

Hos two sets of cost aluminum grids that heat evenly to every corner.

Cooker grids, permanently installed, are flat for frying, grilling.

·The second set are waffle grids which lock in a jiffy right over

the cooker grids. Waffle grids require no re-greasing.

Beautiful, highly polished chrome-plated body. Controls located at

side for safety and convenience . . cooker opens like a book.

Cooled black plastic handles; non-mar leet. Size 127!1xl 3x4 in. high.

Attached cord. For 110-120-volt AConly. Approved byUnderwriters'.

20 N

06613-lnstruclion-recipe book included.

Shpg. wt. 15 lbs. $21 .95

Automatic Twin Waffler

Twin vVaffie Iron with Automatic Heat Control for

each unit ... use one unit or both. Set controls for

dark, medium, or light waffles. Signal ligh t shows

when to pour batter and when waffles are do11e.

Bright chrome-plated steel body; walnu t finish 'A(Ood ·

handles. Cast aluminum waffle grids need no re–

greasing. Detachable 6-ft. cord has two plugs ... one

for each unit. Grids are each


inches. For

110- 120-volt AC only. Uses total of 800 watts. Ap–

proved by Underwriters' Labs., Inc. Size 14Y:zx8.Yzx

4;){ inches high .

20 N 6470-Shipping weight 10 lbs. 8 oz .. $12.75

Fries four eggs with 10 strips

of bacon. Quick meal for fou r.

Grills steaks and chops. Cooks

18 hamburgers all a time.

Bakes four be.autiful big waffles

has a utomatic browning control.

Toasts four fu ll size sandwiches

on both sides a t the same time.

A new Waffle Iron will thrill the whole family!


Automatic single Waffle Iron. Set the automatic dial for "light," "medium," or

"dark" waffles. Signal light shows when to pour batter and when waffle is done.

7-inch cast aluminum grids, once greased, never need re-greasing. Chrome-plated

steel body; walnut finish wood handles. Non-mar feet. Detachable 5-ft. cord . For

110-120-volt AC only. Uses 600 watts. Approved by Underwriters' Labs., Inc.

20 N 6472- Automatic Waffle Iron. Shipping weight 6 lbs. 4 oz...... '.



Non-automatic Waffle Iron. Same as above, but with heat indicator instead

of automatic temperature con\roJ: Uses 600 watts.

20 N 6473- For 110- 120-volt AC or


Shipping weight 6 lbs. 4 oz. .


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