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Tot's favorite playtime pals .. lovable, cuddlesome, soft Dolls

Original Raggedy Ann and Rag–

gedy Andy Dolls .. favorites of

little ones everywhere. Just as

much fun and as lovable as

they are


the storybooks.

Cuddlesome cotton-stuffed

bodies. Candy striped legs,

bright cotton yarn hair, button

eyes and lovable painted faces

with winning smiles. Huggable

15-inch playmates for active

youngsters. The ideal first

dolls for tots. Order now. Ship–

ping weight each 1 lb.


Lovable Drink and Wet Baby

of soft vinyl plastic. Has

jointed arms,


and painted

eyes. Baby wears flannelette

diaper which he wets when he

drinks. He holds his nursing

bottle. 12 inches tall.


Wide-eyed Young Charmer

waiting to be loved. Cotton

stuffed, she's just waitinl{ for

rough-and-tumble play. Yarn

curls, painted ·plastic face. All

cotton covered. Cotton dress,

bonnet. Socks, shoes. 14



49N 3545--Shpg. wt. 1 lb... $1.97

Popular Comic-strip and TV Character Dolls


Dennis the Menace, famous for his antics. Now a big 15 inch

charmer. Vinyl head, latex body, stationary glassene eyes.


49 N 3592-Roggedy Andy in

cotton shirt, trousers.... $2.89


49N 3580-Roggedy Ann in

cotton dress, apron..... $2.89


Baby Doll Taffeta Coat and

Bonnet. White lacy edging. Fine

quality rayon moire taffeta. Ship–

ping weight 8 ounces.

49N 3412-Size 14-15 inches... $1.65

49 N 3413--Size 16-17 inches . . . l.65

49N 3414-Size 18-19 inches ... 1.95

49N 3415-Size 20-21 inches... 1.95


Baby Doll Layette. Everything

a new "baby" needs. Organdy

dress, bonnet. Lawn slip. Imita–

tion leather shoes, rayon stockings.

Fits all rubber and vinyl skin

dolls. Shipping weight 14 oz.

49N 3425-Size 14-15 inches ... $2.27

49 N 3426-Size 16-17 inches. .


49N 3427-Size 18-19 inches... 2.59

49 N 3428-Size 20-21 inches. . . 2.59

49N 3429-Size 22-23 inches ... 2.87

49N 3613-Shpg. wt. l lb... $1-45


Big 25-in. pert and pretty


Pretty Young Miss just made

49 N 3537-ln cotton shirt, denim overalls. Shpg. wt. 1 lb.. _....... $2.89

Patti, the flippity floppily

doll that's full of fun. She's

cotton stuffed, cotton covered

. . couldn't be more cuddly.

Candy striped skirt, hands and

feet. Painted plastic face. Pony

tail cotton yarn hair.

to be cuddled. Colorful

percale-covered body. Cotton

apron. 11 inches of softness

and charm .. stuffed with cot–

ton, smiling painted face.Just

right for the arms of a tiny tot.

Order now for Christmas.


Rose O'Neill's Original Kewpie. 12 inches of cuddly pudgi–

ness. Soft vinyl plastic, glass-like eyes. Her head turns.

49 N 3500--'-ln printed cotton ploysuit. Shpg. wt. 1 lb.............. $1.89


Jerry Mahoney Ventriit>quist Doll with opening mouth.

Molded composition head, hands; soft cotton-stuffed body.

24 in. tall. In cotton gabardine suit, shirt. Instructions,

49 N 3593--Shpg. wt. 2 lbs... $2.29

49 N 3511-Shpg. wt. 10 oz.. $1.27

49 N 3594-Shipping weight 3 pounds...

. .... _.. $5.98

Dress Your Dolly in the height of fashion .. Doll Clothing for all sizes, all occasions


Snowsuit and Bonnet for Baby

Doll. Fine quality cotton fleece.

Wool loop trim. Knit cuffs on

legs. Tassel tie. Separate belt.

Shipping weight 8 ounces.

49N 3437-Size 14-15 inches. .. $1.69

49N 3439-Size 16-17 inches ... l.69

49 N 3444-Size




49N 3445-Size 20-21 inches. .. l.98


Two-piece Baby Pajamas on

Hanger. Good quality cotton

flannel in assorted kiddie prints.

Warm and snuggly for your baby

doll on chilly nights. Shipping

weight 8 ounces.

49N 3430-Size 14-15 inches ..... 79c

49N 3431-Size 16-17 inches ..... 79c

49N 3432-Size 18-19 inches. .... 89c

49 N 3433-Size 20-21 inches..... 89c


Bridal outfit for girl doll. Ninon gown,

flocked design, lace trim. Floral spray.

Lawn slip, net veil. Shpg. wt. 10 oz.

49N 3420-Size 14-15 inches ........ .. $2.87

49 N 3421-Size 16-17 inches.

. .. 2.87

49N 3422-Size 18-19 inches .......... 2.97

49 N 3423-Size 20-21 inches. . . . . . . . . . 2.97


Rich Fur Coot, Hot and Muff Set. Snowy

white rabbit fur that dolly can snug–

gle into on cold days. Shpg. wt. set 12 oz.

49 N 3470-Size 15-16 inches ... ....... $2-79

49N 3471-Size 17-18 inches.......


49 N 3472-Size 19-20 inches .......... 2.98


Roller Skating Set for girl doll, Skates

on shoes. slacks, bonnet, striped cotton

jersey shirt. Shipping weight 8 oz.


3-pc. Evening Gown for Girl Dolls.

Pretty rayon taffeta with alJ-over-net

skirt and tinsel trimmed with rosebuds.

Tie shoulder straps. Embossed jacket.

Rayon panties, lace trim. Shpg. wt. 10 oz.

49N 3458-Size 14-15 inches .......... $1.99

49N 3459-Size 16-17 Inches .......... 2.49

49N 346(}-Size 18-19 inches .......... 2.59


New 8-piece Layette for Toddler Walk-

ing Dolls. Dolly is going to love her

pretty, new percale dress and her smart,

all-over pattern, cotton and rayon coat

and hat. She won't want tQ wait a minute

to try on her new cotton panties or step

out in her new socks and vinyl shoes. And

she'll be sure to keep her clothes neat and

tidy when she finds she has two plastic

hani>:ers to hang up her clothes.


wt. 1 lb. Order now for Christmas.


Doll clothes are sold according to the height of the doll. Measure

your doll carefully from head to foot. On your order, state the catalog number of the

size nearest the height of your doll.


several outfits for Christmas

49N 3440---Size 14-15 inches.

49N 3441-Size


inches ...

49N 3442-Size


inches ..

49N 3443-Size


inches ..

... $1.29



. . . l.65

49N 3489-Size 17-18 inches...

. $2.98

49N 3490-Size 23-24 inches... ..


.. 3.69


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